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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The beginning on Rails

Wow, I've just started setting up my PC to develop with rails. Installing ruby went smoothly. Installing Rails went smoothly. Fiddling around with a book in my hand (Agile web development with Rails), and still everything ran smoothly. Then I realized I hadn't installed a database on my PC yet. So I installed MySQL. Figured I would need a frontend for it. So I go and download MySQL-front. Then I asked in the rails IRC channel for the IDE most people use for rails. Some went with eclipse, so I thought, let's try that. Guess that's the hardest part. I'm still trying to figure everything out, even with a very good tutorial at hand. Why didn't anyone make a proper installer for RoR with eclipse? Well, guess that's [hopefully?] a matter of time. For all it matters: I guess RoR is a great environment. Just fix a proper IDE, dudes. [update] Well, I'm still jerking around with the mySQL install. I guess I'll get back to it tomorrow. Orso. Damn you, those 248.391 programs that have to be installed to be able to develop a mere website! *sigh* Okke out.


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