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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The beginning on rails - part 2

I've finally seen the problem with my mySQL install. I kept getting an error, and finally I located the problem: the install path of mysql can't contain spaces. Well, thanks for telling me that, mySQL installer. *sigh*. I mean, it's the year 2005 and you still don't allow spaces in your paths? Come on! Anyway, got it running now. Eclipse has still the usual bugs, but I think I'll install eclipse again and throw all useless (java) stuff out first, and then install only ruby components. If that's possibly, at least. Anyway, gotta go to college now.


  • I use ConTEXT as an editor. It is really nice and a lot faster than eclipse. It has Ruby hightlighting.

    You don't need a MySQL gui if you use migrations. You code your schema in Ruby. See the RoR website for a video tutorial or check out the Wiki.

    By Anonymous Jules, at 14 December, 2005 20:20  

  • I have eclipse running OK at the moment, and it's running fine (it's running GREAT compared to the previous editor I used, but then for PHP, Zend Development Environment).

    I've seen the new migration things and I'll check them out coming week.

    Thanks for your reply :)

    By Blogger Okke, at 14 December, 2005 22:13  

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