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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Darn hard to be original

A few weeks ago, I had a luminous idea: what if I had cigarettes with filter on the wrong end? So everyone will think you're smoking filter instead of tabacco. A friend of mine told me it was done. It was not only done already, it was done in a movie. The Fifth Element. Today I had another luminous idea for ruby: "Acts as taggable". I first searched the internet, because it's hard to be orignal nowadays. And it seems I was right. There is a fully working mix-in called 'acts as taggable' already. I'm not original. I'm too late. It's been 'gemified' even. Well, I guess I can't postpone my upcoming testweek at the uni. Too bad. Maybe I'll get a luminous idea while I'm reading a few hundred pages about "AI robotics", but I'm not so sure. [edit]Oh, in the last month I've installed apache at last. And I got it working. All happy now. And I got a job interview as a response to my blog. Yay! Let's hope it works out all right.[/edit]


  • imho your friend is wrong. in the 5th element, they have very long filters and very small cigarettes, but the orientation is identical to that of a normal cigarette.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2005 17:29  

  • Do they? Hmmm... I'll watch the movie next week. :)

    By Blogger Okke, at 22 December, 2005 19:12  

  • Btw. about the mySQL installation on your computer.. If you are running windows, you might wanna try Instant Rails. Google it ;)

    What is the approach to AI that you learn? I mean, how much is theoretical, and so on.

    By Anonymous Ron, at 29 December, 2005 03:41  

  • Ron > I've got it up and running already, and the 'instant-packages' never do the things I want. Anyone should be able to install their own development environments imho.

    The AI approach is a bit hands-on, and a bit theoretical. For example, we're programming little programs in prolog, but get a solid theoretical base with lots of logic. And we're programming little robots as well.

    By Blogger Okke, at 29 December, 2005 16:29  

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