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Friday, May 02, 2008

XPS noise

My new XPS 1330 is functioning quite well, except for a few things. I'm running Ubuntu Hardy, and one really annoying thing is that sleep and hibernation are badly broken 'features'. The other really annoying thing is the noise the harddisk makes. It's a sort of high squeaking, grinding noise. It makes the same noise all the time, even when the disk is supposedly idle. I hope Dell will provide me with another disk soon, because it's driving me crazy. I'm looking forward to setting up all my linux desktop settings again. I'm rejoicing, really. [edit] It wasn't the harddisk after all. Even without harddisk and with an ubuntu live cd, the sound persisted. I called the Dell support and they said it could be the processor: some other Core2duo's experienced the same problems. The next workday, a guy is coming to replace the processor with a new one.


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