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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Using Gmail to the maximum

Hm, I just LOOOVE Gmail. I love it more and more. Last week, I got fed up with my good old outlook. Why didn't it just catch all the spam? Then I thought, I'd just use gmail instead. I'll forward all my email from all addresses to gmail, and I'll use gmail. However, I overlooked one thing: gmail has POP-access! Now it hit me. If I'd just forward all of my email accounts to gmail, they'd be spam-scanned. They'd be virus-scanned. They'd be archived. And I only have to access ONE pop box! No more tedious searching for settings for my various emailaccounts! \o/ Thumbs up for gmail.


  • One nice thing about gmail is that you can send as well as receive mail as any of your email identities. For example, my gmail identity is hollyw@gmail.com, but when I actually send mail from gmail, the headers say that it came from holly@wards.net. So you don't have to use your email client unless you want to (I like the gmail interface better, personally.)

    By Anonymous Holly Ward, at 29 January, 2006 07:56  

  • You're totally right, but I like outlook better myself.

    I still have one problem, though: if I reply to a mail, it tries to send it via the gmail server. I did change my settings to only use my other account, but outlook won't listen to me :'( :P

    By Blogger Okke, at 29 January, 2006 13:31  

  • Okke, isn't it time to get yourself an Apple?
    Probably a money issue? :-)

    By Anonymous Chris Obdam, at 12 March, 2006 16:00  

  • Why would I?

    I'm a student. I love windows. I don't like linux and macs. It's not something a lot of people will say, but I really don't like those. They never work when I want them to work, and all of a sudden it's MY fault when something isn't working correctly. (Mostly on linux, though. If it's not working, YOU should fix it. Linux is never to blame). It might have to do with being lazy. But Windows is all I need.

    Then on macs. A friend of mine has a mac notebook. It was cheaper than my Acer Notebook was. It might be booting faster, it has a button to invert the colours and it looks nice.

    On the other hand, it has a mouse with only one button, it doesn't play games, it doesn't have all of my favourite programs, it doesn't have all the little programs I collected in the years. There probably are good (better, some mac zealots might say) alternatives, but then I have to spend time finding those.

    Again lazyness.

    Or it might be that it's way more efficient NOT to switch than to switch. Why would I? All programs I want to use run perfectly on WinXP.

    So no, it's not a money issue. It's the fact that I don't HAVE to, so I don't WANT to.

    By Blogger Okke, at 12 March, 2006 22:32  

  • Reading your posting i would say you are a real Tweaker.. :-) Yes, reffering to the website
    Or as we would say in dutch, een dwarse aap :P

    By Anonymous Chris Obdam, at 12 March, 2006 23:25  

  • Well, thanks, I guess ;)

    By Blogger Okke, at 12 March, 2006 23:27  

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