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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What Google Reader Does Wrong

Wha! I was trying out Google Reader, and I hit the back button. Flash - a page I didn't expect to find. As I tried to go back forward, I didn't go to the last article I read. Seems google didn't think it'd be handy to allow the use of forward and back buttons. Another bug was that I wasn't able to add sites to the reader. At least, until I opened the site in a new windows. *Bling* - all blogs I added were there! But why weren't they in the first place? I still don't know. Even an F5 didn't help at first, but after opening a new session everything went smooth. My main concern is it's impossible to use the forward and back buttons, though. As I sayd in another blog about unobtrusive javascript. And I'm wondering why Google isn't paying more attention to usability.